The Authors

PhotoStripThe truth about investing and the markets is that no one knows where the market is going to close today, this week, this month, or this year. No one. People can come up with all kinds of fancy models that do arguable have some value, but the truth is it is a guess. It may be a well thought-out guess, an educated guess, a mathematically beautiful and sound guess, but it is still a guess. When you run across anyone who tells you differently, be careful. Be careful of the talking heads on TV that speak with such confidence about the direction of the market or a particular company within a specific timeframe. Look below the headline and do a little research of your own. It isn’t nearly as tough as it sounds and we can show the investing can be intoxicating, when done right!

The heart of Cocktail Investing recognizes the intersection of several powerful forces—economics, demographics, psychographics, technology, policy, and others —that, when combined, give way to a powerful force that shifts the what, where and how people and businesses go about their daily activities. Much like a tailwind that pushes a plane faster across the U.S. or the Atlantic Ocean, these shifting forces can propel a company’s business or slow it down dramatically if its ill prepared to deal with the changes it faces, much like a headwind. The great thing about these trends is that they often evident in things you observe every day and arise in conversations you have with friends over cocktails, you just need to recognize them.

We wrote this book to give you a lens through which you will be able to clearly see the actionable, observable, and recognizable trends that surround you every day to help you build a profitable portfolio for the long run. Unlike most every other book on investing though, this book is written the way most people like to learn, with stories about real-life people, that you will find (we hope) not only informative but entertaining and relatable.

We will give you a process that will allow you to successfully build and maintain a portfolio and avoid the all too common errors caused by emotional investing. Thinking like a successful investor will become as routine as tying your shoes and before you know it you’ll be walking through the mall making mental notes of the must-have items and the hot retailer all without stepping foot inside a store.