Understanding Your Investing Needs

Time Horizon

I plan to begin withdrawing money from my investments for major needs within:

Less than 3 years

3-5 years

6-10 years

11 or more years

Once I begin withdrawing funds from my investments, I plan to spend the funds within:

Less than 2 years

2-5 years

6-10 years

11 years or more

Risk Tolerance

I would describe my knowledge of investments as:





What is the primary objective of these funds?

Preservation of capital

Preservation of purchasing power

Generation of income

Long-term moderate growth of capital

Long-term aggressive growth of capital

Do you expect to make regular withdrawals from your account(s)?



If so, how frequently?




When I decide how to invest my money, I am:

Most concerned about the possibility of my investment losing value

Equally concerned about the possibility of my investment losing or gaining value

Most concerned about the possibility of my investment gaining value

Review the following list and choose the investment that you currently own, or has owned, with the highest volatility. (Lowest to highest volatility is shown below.)

Money market funds or cash equivalents

Bonds and/or bond funds

Stocks and/or stock funds

International securities and/or international funds

Consider this scenario: Imagine that in the past three months, the overall stock market has lost 25% of its value. An individual stock that you own has also lost 25% of its value. What would you do?

Sell all of my shares

Sell some of my shares

Do nothing

Buy more shares

Consider the annual returns of the five hypothetical investment plans below. Based on the range of possible outcomes shown, which plan would be the most acceptable to you or best suit your investment philosophy?

Investment Plan A: Average 7.2% Best Case 16.3% Worst Case -5.6%

Investment Plan B: Average 9.0% Best Case 25.0% Worst Case -12.1%

Investment Plan C: Average 10.4% Best Case 33.6% Worst Case -18.2%

Investment Plan D: Average 11.7% Best Case 42.8% Worst Case -24.0%

Investment Plan E: Average 12.5% Best Case 50.0% Worst Case -28.2%